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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope that you find it helpful and informative with regards to our organisation and instructors. Makotokai was formed in December 1995 by Sensei Stewart Marshall when, after 20 years of karate training, unnecessary politics and unwarranted interference attempted to change years of progression and development. I am sure that the story line will be all too familiar to some readers. Accordingly, I do not wish to rake over cold ashes but rather I would prefer to provide an Master Gichin Funakoshi - Great Masteroverview from the path where it all began and how it got us where we are today and where we hope that it will take us tomorrow.

Like most, if not all journeys in Karate, our path begins with one of the world's great masters Gichin Funakoshi, who was born in Shuri, Okinawa Prefecture in 1869. Even today Makoto Kai, looks back on his guidance contained within "The Master Text" or "Karate-Dō Kyohan" (
ISBN: 0870111906 ). This ethos, is encompassed in Master Funakoshi's poem (see below) and although composed some time ago it is as relevant today as it was so many years ago. One could suggest that the words are pertinent for "life" not just karate.

Following on from Master Funakoshi was Sensei Shigeru Egami. Shigeru Egami trained under Master Funakoshi for many years and as he stated, in one of his books "The Way of Karate: Beyond Technique" (later republished as "The Heart of Karate-Dō", "..the ideal of Gichin Funakoshi.. was to advance from jutsu (technique) to dō (the way)".  This ideal is explained in Sensei Egami's writings and  his book. It is well worth Master Shigeru Egamireading as it explains how a student, who wishes to follow the way, must not only seek to coexist with his opponent but to achieve unity with him.

Sensei Egami explains that there should be no question of homicide, nor should emphasis be placed on winning when practicing Karate-Dō. What is important is to move together with your opponent and make progress together.

As a  result of Sensei Egami’s research a softer, faster and more fluid karate technique was developed. The new techniques proved to be more powerful than the original Shotokan style he had previously practiced. Sensei Egami continued to work closely with Gichin Funakoshi throughout this time until the Master died in 1957. During their time together Sensei Egami considered that the development and direction of his research was in line with his old master's thoughts. 

Unfortunately, Sensei Shigeru Egami later fell ill but a student,  Mitsuke Harada, who had trained with Sensei Egami had already experienced the new found techniques and began to research this training even further. However, Sensei Egami's and Sensei Harada's paths continued to intertwine for some years during which time they both met the founder of Aikido - Master Morihei Ueshiba. Sensei Egami has been reported to describe Master Ueshiba as “tremendous”.

Master Morihei Ueshiba is rightly known as one of the world's greatest martial artist's for his creation of Aikido. As with the other great masters, mentioned above, Master Ueshiba's words are already recorded in many publications. One such publication is Budō - The Teachings of the Fonder of Aikido and for the convenience of the readers of this web I have listed appropriate references at the end of this page. As you will read later Aikido  forms a major part in Makoto Kai training.

Makoto Kai's path then travels through various routes and teachers such as Sensei Robert McBirnie (Shoto kai) Sensei J. Euart, through to Sensei William Clark (Sen-no-kai) to Makotokai.

During the early 70's however a major change began to take place during our study of the MartialSensei William (Billy)  Coyle Arts as we were introduced to Sensei William (Billy) Coyle.

Sensei Coyle is the Chief Instructor of Makotokai Aikido Riai.  and has more than forty years of un-interrupted Aikido training under some of the finest masters of Aikido including Chiba Shihan. During the 1990s Sensei Coyle sought instruction from Saito Shihan from whom he received an instructor's scroll in Iwama sword and stick. Sensei Coyle's influence on our approach to our training, understanding and attitude cannot be understated.

Today Makotokai Karate Do is evolving under the direction of Sensei Marshall assisted by Sensei Tom Evans and Sensei Richard Blore.

Although Makotokai Karate Do's path has travelled through many difficult periods each mile of the path and its crossings have imparted valuable lessons, all of which have been passed on to every traveller. It is our desire that we pass on the lessons learned to those that follow and who go on to lead and forge the new path.

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Most of these publications can be purchased from Amazon and a link to these books has been included. Please note that there are many books on martial arts and it is the students responsibility to decide which is correct for themselves, depending on the path they wish to follow.