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Welcome to Cambusbarron Karate Club

Cambusbarron Karate Club which trains in the style of  Makotokai Karate-Do Tobi-geri - sensei marshallwas first formed in August 1984, and has enjoyed continued support from the local community and surrounding areas.  The Dojo (training place)  is housed within Cambusbarron Community Centre where the karateka (students) attended training sessions every Tuesday and Friday evenings. 
Cambusbarron dojo is also the home dojo for all
Makotokai Karate-Do Association clubs. The training is comprehensive and is designed to assist the serious student to progress through the art with a greater depth of understanding. Emphasis is placed on the main principles of the fighting art, technique and inner-strength, rather than the sporting aspect.

Training Times are as follows:

 Junior - 7:30 - 8:30pm    -    Senior 7:30  - 9:30pm
Beginners always welcome