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Welcome to Azami Karate Club(Grangemouth)

The ‘Azami’ karate club is the longest running club in the central district, which was established in 1963. The desire for continual improvement to develop a more efficient and effective Martial Art has meant that the club has taken several different paths in the quest to find ‘the way’.

The club initially trained in the style of ‘Shotokai’ through ‘Sen-No-Kai’ to now Makotokai. This style now incorporates basic principles of both ‘Aikido’ and ‘Tai Jutsu’ with regular use of JO short staff and BOKKEN wooden sword to throws, locks and KI energy.

The emphasis is on honest endeavour to the Fighting Art, True Technique and Inner Strength. This ‘soft’ Martial Art is complemented by they use of Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercises, which are not the main principles of the many ‘hard’ styles of  competition based sporting karate.

The ‘Azami’ and all the other Makotokai Karate Do clubs are a non-profit making organisation, which is affiliated to M.A.D.E.C. (Martial Arts Development Commission). All will be made welcome to train from complete beginners to competent participants in the martial arts. Training is in the Grangemouth High School on Thursday nights throughout the school term.

Juniors 6.00pm to 7.00pm
(Above times designed to accommodate early return to home on school days)
Adults 7.00pm to 8 .00pm.
Tom Evans 5th Dan - 01324 716271
email Tom by clicking here