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A Cambusbarron Tapestry

A Cambusbarron Tapestry

Book availble from
Cambusbarron Libray
Another great production by the renowned local author Peter Paterson who once again has produced an excellent historical document with regard to our Local history of Cambusbarron, Scotland.

Perspective:  A review of the 3,000 years of Cambusbarron's history
The books features the following:
Chapters on:

  • Cambusbarron Folk,
  • Cambusbarron Places,
  • Cambusbarron at School,
  • Cambusbarron at Play,
  • Cambusbarron at Home,
  • Cambusbarron at War,
  • Cambusbarron on the Move,
  • Commercial Cambusbarron,
  • Creative Cambusbarron,
  • Cambusbarron and God,
  • and Official Cambusbarron

The book has 280 pages and the publication is a must for anyone who came from or their descendents originated from Cambusbarron.
The book can be purchased at:

  • the local Cambusbarron Newsagents or
  • Cambusbarron Shop & Post Office
  • or here on-line (overseas see below)(note: all profits go to the village).
  • Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum